1102 Bronson  way  @ Park ave
       Renton, WA   
Since 1995
Frustrated by the  lack of personal
service?  Or have you simply given up on
quality and consistency?  Wondering
whatever happened to Barber shops &
the male barbers.
Were  here in downtown Renton,  across
the street from the Library.   On the
corner of Bronson @ Park Ave.
    Hair plus Gallery Barber shop, Renton WA
Gallery Barber shop
Buzz cuts         $9.
Seniors 60+    $16.      
Traditional     $18.

Tues - Fri  10 - 5
Saturday   10 - 3

Sun. &  Mon.        
 Buzz cut
#2 fade
finger length   scissor cut top
Scissor cut  full
Collegiate cuts
Asian Hair